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A Vaastu Consultant and Numerologist.

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My name is Naresh Rajbir Sharma. I am a Vaastu Consultant and Numerologist.

I was born in Biratnagar, Nepal, my family moved to kathmandu when I was at the age of two. I completed my schooling from Siddhartha Vanasthali, and further studied in Ascol Campus, Peoples Campus and Nepal Commerce Campus in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since 2008 I am living in London, United Kingdom with my family.

My grand father Late Pd. Sri Dulichand Sharma and Father Late Pd. Sri Bishwa Nath Sharma were very popular Astrologer back home (Biratnagar, Nepal). I started my journey of Occult science as a hobby. My hobby took me to further studies on Occult Science of Astro Vaastu and Numerology under complete guidance and it was here that I took a plunge professionally in the family tradition.

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I did heard about Numerologist before but never know how it worked and what it does so when I Saw Naresh Dai introduce I was incline to it and after his YouTube video which I definitely will ask everyone to subscribe it I send him request to see mine. When I get call from him he not only introduce me about what it is, he went so deep on how it work and when he read mine I was mindblow by accuracy it was giving me.Listening to him I can feel I was healing as well. I never felt b4 if anyone ask me how was your experience I will say 9.5 by 10 . .5 just so we can improve. Thank you for such a insightful knowledge and he went to personal with my request that he did extra read when I ask which we don't get it. Thank you Naresh dai

Pratima Joshi

Horsell, Woking UK


It’s my first experience with numerology, I’m amazed that how can someone read you only by DOB, it’s very accurate and speechless and also predictions for my business plans, I wish you very best for your future and refer to my friends as well, waiting to see Vastu for my home after lockdown. Anand Shrestha Hanwell , Ealing Uk

Anand Shrestha

Hanwell , Ealing UK


I have read about numerology in books 15 16 years ago, and i knew about the number 8 and felt bad about it as it's know as not a good number. i did not had clear view on it. but after what you said about it. i started thinking about it in different way. yeah offcourse i always felt things that i wanted are not getting in time, most of them i used to get but after some struggle or late . as you said it often happens with number 8 , i will try your remedies hope it will definitely brings things better in my life. Thank you for explaining me in detail about it.

Sangesh Shrestha

Kathmandu, Nepal

I have checked my patro many times with astrologers here in nepal but experienced numerology check first time and I’m very impressed and shocked by your predictions and how you told me about my life and my business, very must impressed and definitely recommend to my friends and family, good luck Naresh jee for you venture and all the best.

Rajendra KC

Sitapaila, Nepal


"Naresh, my friend you got such a immense skills regarding numerology which extremely make me thunderbolt that the things which you predict on me turns truth 😍😍what a great domain skill man!! Hats-off and warmest congratulations on your achievement."

Mahendra Bhattarai

Tooting, UK

"I never had any experience with numerology in my life however after consultation with NRS I was completely taken by surprise. As all the information he gave me about my life, work and relationship was accurate and to the point. I was speechless. Now I regularly consult him and take his advise on matters relating to business and life."

Hiral Joshi

Bushey, UK

"Namaskar Naresh Sir, I am very happy so I choose my future which direction i need to go. It’s was really helpful advices. I am completely satisfied with your consultation regards with numerology. I would like to contact again and would definitely recommend to my friends and family. Overall it was Fantastic! 5 star ⭐️ consultant from you, Really good 😌"

Jagat Budhathoki

Camberley, UK

"Naresh is my childhood friend and I was initially not convinced about his numerology skills. But to my surprise he made all correct prediction for me and my businesses including the stock trading. Now I follow his advise and implement it in daily life. He is a very good numerologist and kind man. I strongly recommend my friends and families to consult him for both vaastu and numerology."

Bikram Das Joshi

Bushey, UK

"I was fortunate enough to get the number check by Mr NRS and I found his character portrayal about me is correct and with his advise I followed few things, which is working very well for me."

Meena Pokherel

Dollis Hill, UK

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